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Beyond Reach Connections

Genevieve Boast, Beyond Human Stories Ltd.,

Kelsey Boast,  Phoenixity (website in progress)

Dr. Steve Boreham, Wild Reach,


Donna Byatt, Elements of Avebury,

Laura Carpenter, Herbal Educator,

Organisations (Memberships)


Friends of the Earth,


Medecins Sans Frontieres - Doctors without Borders,


The National Trust,


The Woodland Trust,

Useful Links

Earth Pathways,

Charles Eisenstein,


International Council of Thirteen Grandmothers,

Bill Plotkin, Animas Valley Institute,


Resurgence and Ecologist,



Zach Bush MD,

Useful Books

Art of Number, Translating Numbers into Pictures and Sacred Symbols Workbook.

Jain 108, The Joy of Numbers Institute, Miniversity. Jain 108 Mathemagics. 2016.


Destiny, Gaia Matrix Oracle Numerology. Rowena Pattee Kryder. Golden Point. 1995.

The Kybalion, A Study of The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Eygpt and Greece. Three Initiates.

White Crane Publishing. 2011.

Life Cycles, Your Emotional Journey to Freedom and Happiness. Christine Delorey.

Osmos Books. 2000.

Master Numbers, Cycles of Divine Order. Faith Javane. Whitford Press. 1988.

Numerology, Dancing the Spirals of Time. Elen Sentier. Moon Books. 2019.

Numerology, The Romance in your Name. Dr. Juno Jordan. J.F. Rowny Press. 1965.

Numerology, Using the Power of Numbers to Reveal and Shape your Character and Destiny.

Colin M. Baker. Anness Publishing Ltd 2013.

The Numerology Workbook - Understanding and Using the Power of Numbers. Julia Line.

The Aquarian Press.1985.


The Secret Language of Numbers, Your Way Forward. Richard Abbot. Natural Living Books. 2008.

The Works of Arthur H Norris, A Journey of Human Development. Volume I, edited by Richard Abbot

with Pat Warrington. First edition 2012. Natural Living Books. Original Work Copyright 1983-2010.