• julie431

Call to the Wild

My need is to take a pilgrimage into Nature... into the places that are deeply quiet. I have been exploring and listening to what part of me is reacting to the World. I'm learning to pause, check in with my instincts/five senses, and into to what I feel in my Soul. Then, I have a little discussion with my Mind. We hold Council. On good days, everything seems to flow. On bad days, everything seems to fall into chaos and disruption. It isn't an easy thing to keep peace amongst myself... especially in these turning times.

Lately, Nature has been calling me to the Wild. My body and mind wish to return to the Earth to be held. I need to merge with the soil, water, air, and fire - become part of the animal world. I'm going to begin to look for wild remote places. Answers, rest and recovery lie there. Renewal awaits - and I must go. This blog will be a place I can record my adventures. More for myself, but I hope if you visit you'll enjoy my thoughts and feelings into the Green, or what some Shaman's call the Lower World. Talk soon.

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