About Me

I have spent my life dedicated to Archaeology - for once you've been caught by the stories of the past, you never truly leave the field.

I worked at the Department of Archaeology, at the University of Cambridge, in the UK for 21 years. Then, for 11 years, I ran my own

freelance business called Earthslides, which allowed me to recreate ancient worlds under the microscope.  If you're interested,  I've

put a link to this work below.


You may have noticed that is 32 years of 'official work'. My real work in the world began long ago as a Mother, and now a

Grandmother. I've decided to explore more fully 'all the things' I love on Beyond-Reach. I have always found writing and sharing helps

keep me focused and working. Thank you for looking in at my personal journey. Hopefully, there will be something here to inspire you

too. Let's do it together.

Earthslides: Hidden Worlds - Off the Bench, https://www.facebook.com/thinsections/ 



Genevieve Boast, Beyond Human Stories Ltd., https://beyondhumanstories.com/

I'm now teaching Numerology as part of the "The Soulistic Journey - A Pilgrimage to the Source of Your Being"

Please find the link here: https://beyondhumanstories.com/portfolio/the-soulistic-journey/

Kelsey Boast,  Phoenixity (website in progress)


Dr. Steve Boreham, Wild Reach, https://www.wildreach.co.uk/


Donna Byatt, Elements of Avebury, https://elementsofavebury.co.uk/

Laura Carpenter, Herbal Educator, https://www.lauracarpenter.co.uk/

Lorna Howarth, Panacea Books (Micro-Publisher specialising in books that Re-imagine The World).

Facebook Group.

Melissa Murfet, Wildawood Forest School, https://wildawood.co.uk/

Organisations (Memberships)


Friends of the Earth, https://friendsoftheearth.uk/


Medecins Sans Frontieres - Doctors without Borders, https://www.msf.org.uk/


The National Trust, https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/


The Woodland Trust, https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/

Useful Links

Dr. Bertice Berry, http://www.berticeberrynow.com/home.html


Earth Pathways, https://www.earthpathwaysdiary.uk/

Charles Eisenstein, https://charleseisenstein.org/

Emergence, https://emergencemagazine.org/

International Council of Thirteen Grandmothers, https://www.grandmotherscouncil.org/

A Mighty Girl, https://www.amightygirl.com/

Bill Plotkin, Animas Valley Institute, https://www.animas.org/


Resurgence and Ecologist, https://www.resurgence.org/satish-kumar/


Treesisters, https://treesisters.org/

Zach Bush MD, https://zachbushmd.com/