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About Me

I live with my husband in a small cottage on a soft chalk hill in Cambridgeshire, England. My garden tumbles down into a stream, that joins a river, that runs out into the Fens. I live out on the 'reach of the river' - out of reach of the everyday world. My village is called Reach.

This is a landscape of water and sky. At times, the quiet can be quite unsettling. The Fens will put you back in touch with your Soul, as there is very little to interrupt that humbling conversation. There is great humility and connection to what Nature brings here. I have found a deep bond to this place. Sometimes, I think we search much of our lives looking for a home for our hearts. The natural world intrinsically knows where it should be and why. But, we as human beings seem to be constantly looking for somewhere to belong, connect, and create 'a Sense of Place'. Perhaps, our hearts might remember if we were to turn the noise of the accepted world down, and return to the land and ourselves.


The Waterland has brought me back to myself. It is here that I discovered Numerology. And, quite like Pythagorus, the vibration, frequency, and energy of this place made me look deeper into how Nature, the World, and perhaps how the Universe works. Through Numerology, I was able to decode and discover the gifts my Soul wished to bring to this life. I have never looked back or questioned where I am now. Every day is a gentle walk of understanding. They say, if you find your Soul gifts life is not work - everything flows like water. I have found this to be true. Perhaps, I can help you do this too. Let me guide you to finding your "Roads of Enlightenment and Expression". It is a wonderful journey of remembering...

"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature".

Joseph Campbell


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