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Numerology Readings



"The Pythagoreans had a proverb which stated 'all things are assimilated to number' and were taught that number determined the harmonies of music and of the spheres, the movement of the sun, moon and stars and the proportions of architecture. Pythagorus believed that the world was built on the power of numbers and that it was easy to identify number with everything that is good, beautiful, orderly, right and proper. In his 'Sacred Discourse' he states that 'number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and the cause of gods and demons'....

"He believed that if sounds could be expressed in terms of numbers this would provide the key to the mysteries of the universe. The vibration or 'tone' of the universe at the exact moment of an individual's birth was believed to influence both his character and his destiny in life"....

The Numerology Workbook - Understanding and Using the Power of Numbers, Julia Line, 1985.



Have you ever wondered who you really are? Numbers can help you remember your Soul gifts and lessons. Let me guide you back to your own unique codes by using the ancient system of Numerology. You can then begin to live the life you had planned.

Basic Reading: Numerology report by email. £45.


Foundation Reading: Numerology reading on Zoom (1 hr). Your Numerology report will be emailed before the session. £65.


Advanced Reading: Numerology with Tarot. I offer this session on Zoom (1½ hrs). I also offer this reading at my home with breaks and refreshments (3 hrs). In this advanced reading, there will be time to take a more comprehensive look at all the Numbers concerned. We will also discuss the alignment of Tarot, as represented by the Numbers, to broaden out your personal story. This includes your full Numerology Report by email before the session.

£85: Virtual Reading by Zoom. Or, £105: Reading in person at my home.


Relationship Readings: Numbers and Tarot can help reveal how you interact with important people in your life. Everyone has their own personal journey. Since we seldom choose to travel alone through our life challenges, it is useful to discover what effect the actions of others have on you, and you on others? We can look at the Numbers of your past or current partnerships, or how you work with a family member, or try to decipher a workplace relationship. It is possible to understand how your Soul stories and gifts interweave in these different types of situations?


The price for this type of reading is based on researching the Numbers of two people. You can choose whether to have the information presented in a Basic, Foundation, or an Advanced Reading package. This will include full Numerology reports before the session of your choice for yourself and another person. Costs are dependent on the package you select, and will be discussed before booking.


Family Constellation Readings: All families come with different Numerology assignments. It can be helpful to see how you work together and where you might have problems. It is said that Soul families usually travel together to learn their lessons through lifetimes. You can choose whether to have a Family reading presented in a Basic, Foundation, or Advanced reading package. Multiple sessions may be necessary dependent on the number of people involved.


Costs are dependent on the package you select and will be discussed before booking. This will include full Numerology reports before the planned sessions of your choice. An additional special Constellation Presentation Sheet will also be part of the Family report package.


You can get in touch with me on my Contact page or by email to discuss which Numerology package you would like to have. I will ask for payment prior to beginning research and us meeting virtually on Zoom or in person. Please use the Paypal link below. I can provide an invoice by email for those that don't use Paypal. Printed Numerology reports are available by mail for an extra cost.

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