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"The insights that Julie Boreham offered when she charted my numerology were incredibly prescient and meaningful to me. So many times, I felt that she must know me better than I know myself, so 'on-the-nail' were her findings! I have used this information to guide some quite major decision-making, and to inform my own work going forward. It has absolutely enhanced my life in many ways. I highly recommend Julie's gentle and perceptive work."


Lorna Howarth FRSA, Writer & Publisher


"Numerology has always intrigued me, but I had no idea it could provide such a comprehensive understanding of who I am, and why I am called to follow a particular life path. I had a full Numerology reading recently, and I am still processing all of the powerful insights and revelations.


One of the things I really loved about my reading was Julie's authenticity and gentle honesty. She didn't tell me what I wanted to hear. But, rather with sensitivity and empathy she covered the many aspects of the road I have already walked, and provided me with practical and uplifting guidance for the road that lies ahead. She clearly explained my numbers and what each of them meant individually, but also in relation to each other and how they influenced me and my life choices. Julie gave me time to discuss what this meant for my future life path, and the internal resources I can draw upon to enhance my future decisions and opportunities. I feel more equipped to deal with life's challenges and more inspired to make positive changes.


It was very clear to me that she had put a lot of work into preparing my reading, and that she has a true passion for numbers.

I would highly recommend a reading with Julie for everybody who seeks a deeper understanding of themselves and their life's purpose". 


Sue Dunn

"Julie Boreham is a truly gifted woman who, from her exquisite website right through to the insightful and skilfully executed

reading, I felt I was seeing myself described in the Numbers.


Despite the fact that I have received Numerology Readings from one or two other people over the years, the charts prepared by Julie landed in my inbox greeting me with colour, structure, and exciting words like 'The Alchemist’, ‘The Artist’ and 'The Spirit

Seeker’. Aspects of it immediately made sense, due to the study of the subject I had made already, but the clarification came in the reading itself.


It was a mystical and 'other’ worldly session, where my reality flipped into another gear, showing me things I have always felt

about myself, but for various reasons, was unable to truly believe. Of course - one truth is this, the Numbers never lie. They can’t

when the laws of the Universe are in action!


It is by far a superior reading, one which has layers of meaning, and philosophical and spiritual depths which insist on respect for the Numbers, the Client and the Reader. I now have the clarification of my Path and in that knowledge, I am already filled and fulfilled"!


Felicity Cook 


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