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Guidance Cards - Numerology for the Soul


The deck consists of 74 cards divided into different categories and descriptions of Number energy:

  • Essence Cards

  • Challenge Cards

  • Healing Cards

  • Karma Healing Cards

  • Higher Master Lesson Cards

  • Personal Journey Cards

Available now:

The arrival of my "Guidance Cards - Numerology for the Soul". This deck will reveal to you through the beautifully coloured cards and booklet your Soul's own unique promises for this lifetime. It is a deck you can return to again and again for advice and counsel. Truly a keepsake. I'm so very excited to share this with you.



The cost of this deck will be £22.00. The Number 22' is the "Master Of Vision". Are you ready to see your own Truth and take your Soul Journey ?

Paypal or personal invoice by email will be available. Mailing costs for the UK have been included in the final amount.

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